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"Elank37"Hello. I’m Eirlangga from Indonesia, the country of more than ten thousand islands and Indonesia has a natural area that supports the second largest biodiversity in the world.

I’m a full time internet marketer and learning to be a professional online researcher,

There are thousands of sites online offering information on all things GIS and Soil Science informatio. Some provide very helpful information about very good Recipes and some are a total waste of your valuable time.

If you’re looking for GIS Literature,Soil Science, Climatology , I’m confident you’ll find my website helpful!


Curriculum Vitae:

1.Ketua himpunan GROUP MAHASISWA ILMU TANAH 2005/2006 Jurusan Tanah Universitas ANDALAS.
2.Asisten dasar-dasar Ilmu tanah Tahun 2005.
3.Asisten Fisika Tanah Tahun 2004
4.Assisten Agrogeologi tahun 2005
5.Assisten Survey Tanah dan Pemetaan 2004/2005, 2007/2008
6.Assiten Morfologi dan Klasifikasi 2006/2007
7.Assisten Sistem Informasi Sumber Dayalahan. 2006/2007

8. Assisten Klimatologi lanjutan. 2006/2007



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